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In 1970, Alvin Ord Johnston was living in Longview, TX. The “Salvation” Sandwich at Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop is the first creation of Alvin Ord Johnston. He had devoted his life to the church and spent most of his time reading & studying.

Alvin’s mom, Gertrude Wallace, was locally known for her family’s bread recipe. Alvin, who enjoyed testing in the kitchen, created a sandwich which turned out to be popular amongst his family and friends. The sandwich, made on Gertie’s famous bread turned out to be well known to such an extent that Alvin was urged to open a sandwich shop and offer his creation to society. Austin, TX was picked as the main location to offer this remarkable sandwich.

Alvin’s two nephews, Rick and John Skinner, students at U.T. Austin, helped Alvin Ord with the sandwich shop. In the little shop on South Congress Ave., they prepared bread every day following Gertrude’s formula and directions.

On January 31, 1972, Rick opened the shop to discover the business books and records lying open in the kitchen, updated and organized. There was no note left behind, yet Alvin Ord was gone. Since that date, the only contact Alvin has made with his family was to tell them he was good and was attempting to gain acceptance into the order of Trappist Monks in Washington State.

Rick and John kept on operating the shop. As the business developed and the demands of school increased, the siblings left the sandwich shop.

In June, 1978, Rick opened another sandwich shop on Guadalupe St. in Austin. Rick named the shop after his uncle, Alvin Ord. The shop was a quick success. From that point forward, numerous locations have opened. Each location works tirelessly to uphold the high standards set forth by Alvin Ord.

Our mascot, the little monk, is a daily reminder to maintain his standards.

Went for my second visit. I introduced myself, and my ladies gave me their names as I will frequent this location while I am in Beaufort. Molly, Jamie, and Ronette treated me like royalty. They went out of their way to make me feel at home. I had the Salvation, it is the way to go! Delicious. This is Beauforts Iconic sandwich shop. Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed. It's nothing fancy but very good.

Fabulous deli sandwiches! Next time we are in Beaufort, we will be back! Keep up the good work 🇺🇸.


Stopped while we were out driving. Got The salvation, it was very good. Food and service great. Prices were good also. Not too busy. Would recommend if looking for a quick good sandwich. Bread is homemade.

Alisha Hall

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